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A marketing plan with professional photography from Turner DeMarco Bolger sells homesSold by the Turner DeMarco Bolger GroupNow more than ever, sellers benefit from our proven approach to marketing and sales

Our 8-step action plan

Here’s what to expect from the Turner DeMarco + Friedman Group’s marketing action plan

Our 8-step action plan starts with great listening. After all, listening is the most important part of communication. And communication is key to marketing. When you meet the Turner DeMarco + Friedman Group, we’ll spend much more time listening and understanding your needs than talking about ourselves. After we learn your goals, we’ll get to know your property. In doing so, we’ll offer recommendations about preparation that can improve your home’s marketability so it will sell more quickly.

Next up in the 8-step action plan, we comprehensively address your home’s pricing. After determining the price based on market analytics and comps, we advise you on detail work that can help your house sell. An integral part of your marketing plan is sharing ideas on easy, initial changes you can make around your home to draw people into it and to help your photos pop. The best part? Any changes will take place with the help of professional consultants on our team. These include stagers, contractors and others who will prepare your home so it shows at its best.

The Turner DeMarco + Friedman Group tailors a marketing action plan for each property. In doing so, we determine which methods will bring maximum exposure to each property. In addition to creating buyer profiles for your property, our broad yet targeted marketing plan reaches active home buyers and agents, near and far, who are looking for homes like yours.

With us, you’ll receive pricing, staging, agent accessibility, and visibility with a strong digital footprint: The Turner DeMarco + Friedman Group will successfully meet your goals for selling your home, so you can make your next move in life.

Advice on Pre-listing inspections for your property

A complimentary staging consultation is provided. Partial and full staging services are available.

Our custom real estate photography and virtual solutions will help your home stand out from the competition!

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