Take the stress out of moving with a negotiated rent-back

Let us help you with the ideal situation if renting back might be necessary

Having us negotiate your rent-back will make your life easier!

If a rent-back arrangement might necessary after selling your home, we can help with the details. Our experience in the El Dorado Hills and Greater Sacramento market puts us in the position to help you negotiate terms that benefit you and the buyers of your beloved property.

There’s no need to stress if you aren’t ready to make your next move before your home sells.

Even if you’re not sure yet if you’ll need to rent back, we’ll prepare you and ourselves for the rent-back possibility. After all, it’s likely, given our track record, that the Turner DeMarco Group will sell your house for over asking price in under the average market time.

In fact, we will even guarantee it, as we always do with The Over-Under guarantee. That very guarantee is  one reason we’re ready to help you with rent-back negotiations. We know that the reasons for moving are many and we’re here to make your life easier if you need to consider a rent-back arrangement.

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