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Home. It is much more than simply square feet, stucco, and granite. It is our sanctuary, our foundation. A special place where we raise a family, entertain friends, or simply enjoy our lives. Your home is indeed deeply personal. Because of this, it is important to find a professional Real Estate Agent who understands you, your lifestyle, and your requirements. You want to feel a connection. You need to trust their experience, skills, and professionalism. After all, this person will be assisting you with one of life’s biggest decisions.
My passion for real estate began at a young age. As my father is a Real Estate Appraiser, some of my first memories were holding the measuring tape for him on appraisals. As a young man, I was overly interested in floor plans, architecture, and home values. From this experience, I came to realize the importance of numbers in real estate. In order to gain a greater understanding of the evaluation of investments, I completed a 4-year degree in Economics.
A home is often the largest investment one will make. This gets complicated because, from an evaluation standpoint, real estate is not necessarily black and white. There are many factors that play into potential value escalation. As a result, I put a great deal of importance on ensuring that that investment is a solid one. With my experience, I guide families/investors down the best possible path.

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