El Dorado County Video Tour

New to the area or considering relocating here? This video tour of El Dorado County is a must-see!

Did you know that El Dorado County fueled much California’s growth? Rich in history and filled with natural beauty and well-planned economic development, El Dorado County residents enjoy the best of California living. Discover beautiful El Dorado County communities that offer luxury living, good schools and nature’s wonders. Halfway between the Bay Area and the Sierra Nevada, and featuring Folsom Lake, the El Dorado National Forest, and Lake Tahoe, life here blends the best suburban and urban conveniences while offering a respite from high-density communities. Visit El Dorado County through this El Dorado County video tour to learn more. Then, Contact the Turner DeMarco Group to learn why people are moving to El Dorado County. We’ll find you the best value, whether you’re selling or purchasing a home.