The Turner DeMarco-Bolger Group is so confident in the services we provide that we offer our sellers a Guarantee. The Over-Under Guarantee is simple, because it’s based on our commitment to you.  We will exceed your goals so that everyone wins. Watch our video to learn more.

Our Over-Under Guarantee is simple

When you work with the Turner DeMarco-Bolger team, your house will be sold for OVER the average price and UNDER the average time or we will pay your title fees!

The Turner DeMarco-Bolger Group is committed to your goals and we adhere to our over-under guarantee.

We have the experience to understand that no two listings are at all the same, just as no two clients have the same reasons or goals for selling their home. But most clients do share the strong desire to sell their properties for more than the average listing price and in under the average market time. We deliver on these goals. Guaranteed.

We start with a completely customized marketing plan for each and every client and home. Gail and Val, along with each and every member of their team, are sure that our commitment to you will get you the results you want. Guaranteed.

Our past and repeat clients will tell you that we stand by our word. Honesty, trust and commitment mean everything to us. We say what we’ll do, we do what we say and we’ll honor our over-under guarantee. It’s our ongoing promise to you.

See what our clients have to say about how we listen to their goals, address their needs, honor our promises and guarantee our work. Ask us for references!

over-under guarantee

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