customized action plan

Here’s what to expect from the Turner Demarco + Friedman Team’s marketing action plan


Our customized action plan starts with great listening. After all, listening is the most important part of communication. And communication is key to marketing. When you meet the Turner DeMarco + Friedman Team, we’ll spend much more time listening and understanding your needs than talking about ourselves. After we learn your goals, we’ll get to know your property. In doing so, we’ll offer recommendations about preparation that can improve your home’s marketability so it will sell more quickly.


Next up in the customized action plan, we comprehensively address your home’s pricing. After determining the price based on market analytics and comps, we advise you on detail work that can help your house sell. An integral part of your marketing plan is sharing ideas on easy, initial changes you can make around your home to draw people into it and to help your photos pop. The best part? Any changes will take place with the help of professional consultants on our team. These include stagers, contractors and others who will prepare your home so it shows at its best.


The Turner DeMarco + Friedman Team tailors a marketing action plan for each property. In doing so, we determine which methods will bring maximum exposure to each property. In addition to creating buyer profiles for your property, our broad yet targeted marketing plan reaches active home buyers and agents, near and far, who are looking for homes like yours.

With us, you’ll receive pricing, staging, agent accessibility, and visibility with a strong digital footprint: The Turner DeMarco + Friedman Team will successfully meet your goals for selling your home, so you can make your next move in life.



Sell faster and easier

The last thing you want after accepting an offer is a slew of unanticipated repairs.

Here’s how a pre-listing inspection can prevent surprises so we can deliver you the smoothest possible closing. You may be asking, “Doesn’t the inspection only happen after the house is in contract?”

Technically speaking, the inspection doesn’t have to happen until the house is in contract. But a pre-listing inspection will help you prepare your home so that the sale can close sooner and more smoothly.



That’s because, as soon we have a buyer in contract, they and their agent will hire a home inspector for a detailed evaluation of your home. If the inspection reports reveal defects, known or unknown, the buyer may feel they have another chance to negotiate.

By having one of our trusted home inspectors complete an inspection prior to listing, you gain peace of mind that surprises won’t show up during the buyer’s inspection. Conducting a professional inspection before listing also gives you the opportunity to either make repairs the buyer is likely to require or to disclose them in the listing and price accordingly.



Before listing your home, the pre-listing inspection lets you and our team:

  • Discuss the reports and recommendations for repairs that will need to be addressed.
  • Arrange for maintenance that would make your property more marketable.
  • Connect with our trusted professional referrals, with whom we enjoy long-standing relationships. These professionals may include cleaners, contractors, plumbers, electricians, painters, landscapers, and more. As part of our concierge services, we will make arrangements for these services upon your request.
  • Before your home is listed, we will Open Escrow and order a title report ensuring a clean title prior to listing and showings.

Ask us to show you examples of how pre-listing inspections help homes close more smoothly.

Home Staging Services


Home Staging Consultation from Turner DeMarco + Friedman Team

When you work with our team, you receive a staging consultation with a professional designer.

Our concierge-style services sell homes quickly and for top dollar.

With proper home staging, prospective buyers notice the best aspects of your home from the start. Among buyers who view a well-staged home:

  • 81%  – find it easier to visualize themselves in the property
  • 46% – are more willing to take an in-person tour of the home after seeing it online
  • 45% – project a positive influence on the value of the home
  • 28% – are more willing to overlook any minor issues with the property

Home staging services are about much more than furniture:

You want your home to shine so that a variety of buyers remember it. Our home staging services include an in-house designer in addition to other staging vendors who do the following:

  • Provide specific recommendations to highlight your home’s most important spaces, amenities, design appeal, and focal points.
  • Suggest ways to establish clear traffic patterns to improve flow and help potential buyers picture themselves living in the home. Buyers will remember how they feel and will get more out of viewing the home.
  • Assist with decluttering and packing to make your home feel more spacious. Clearing lines of sight to the home’s most important features increases buyers’ interest.

Wondering what you can do before listing? Start with some basic decluttering to help yourself see your home’s potential for buyers. Then ask us what we might do to stage your home for maximum impact in the market!


Professional Real Estate Photography

A focus on creating an online, visually striking presentation of your home with the greatest possible reach!


Real Estate Marketing and Promotion


Our Marketing Objectives

  • The experts at the Turner DeMarco + Friedman Team use top marketing strategies to draw the most possible qualified buyers to your listing until it is sold. 
  • We negotiate the highest dollar amount and sale terms between you and the buyer.
  • We provide you updates, communicating the results of our marketing efforts.

Proactive Approach that Gets Your Home Sold

  • First, in consultation with you, we preview your home and develop a list of features to target specific types of buyers. 
  • Next, we provide a staging consultation to guide you in making your home look like a model.
  • Most importantly, we price your property correctly.
  • Submit your home to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) to fully optimize announcing your home to all agents and buyers.
  • To draw the most attention to your listing, we take eye-popping professional photographs. We produce a virtual tour and a custom-designed full-color brochure with professionally written descriptions.
  • Provide exposure with a For Sale sign.
  • Market the property on all major real estate websites and through internet syndication on hundreds of others.
  • Utilize social media marketing platforms to target the ideal buyer for your home.
  • Network with top agents, a feature sheet of your home is sent via direct email to the top agents in the region.
  • Call and email our buyers, sphere of influence, other agents and past clients to promote your listing.
  • Reverse prospect and contact agents who have indicated that they might have a prospective buyer.
  • During your listing, we actively communicate, updating you on all activities to get your home SOLD.
  • We carefully represent you in all negotiating and obtaining the best possible price and terms for you.
  • In addition, we work closely with you on every detail after a contract is accepted. These include title and escrow, inspections, overseeing the mortgage process and a smooth closing.

Pricing Strategies


Option A: Price above market:

The most common rationale for sellers to overprice their home is they think they need room to negotiate the price. This is an old-school pricing mistake and is a misunderstanding of how the contemporary real estate market works. Homebuyers search online for homes priced between typical retail price points based on their criteria. If the home is priced too high for the local market, sellers lose those opportunities to engage the buyers who can afford their homes in the first place.


Some sellers choose Real Estate agents who purposely promises an over-optimistic selling price. This is called “buying a listing”. We don’t do that.

To sell your home, you need to attract the attention of not only buyers but the agents who represent those buyers. Oftentimes, when a home is overpriced, agents won’t even mention it to their clients because they know it’s a waste of their time.

In today’s market, everyone begins their home search online and sets price filter preferences. Therefore, an overpriced a home will be overlooked by realistic buyers. Our job is to be open and honest and focused on selling your home for the best price in the quickest manner.


Option B: Price at market value

More exposure online: With buyers today starting their home searches online, the first piece of criteria they typically enter is price. Every buyer is looking to get the most for their money, but there’s a range in which they’re looking. By pricing at market value, you increase your chances of showing up right in front of a buyer who can feasibly afford your home.

Appealing to other agents: When other agents who represent buyers see your home listed at fair market value, they will be more motivated to bring their buyers to it.

Easy appraisal: Pricing your home at fair market value makes the appraisal process go smoother without causing problems for your buyer getting a mortgage. Being realistic with the value of your home can lead to a smoother transaction all around.


Option C:  Price below market value

Pricing your home below fair market value does not necessarily mean that it will sell below fair market value. And again, timing and market conditions factor into this decision. Pricing your home below market value, can create a frenzy among buyers and create competition, driving up the price.

Have you ever watched an auction? It’s like that. Everyone wants to acquire the home for a bargain, but demand and attention from other buyers increase the final sale price.

Traditionally, this strategy works the best in low-inventory markets. In a market with moderate to high inventory, this approach might not be ideal.

Work With Us

When you meet us, you’ll also learn that we’re your neighbors. You can rest assured that your success is the priority every step of the way. Give us a call so we can get to know you and your needs.

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