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Your home deserves more than just a good agent. It needs a specialized team. 

Elevate your property experience beyond the ordinary agent's approach.


Mastering the Art of Property Storytelling for Optimal Results

To attain the best price for your property, a precise marketing strategy and skillful narrative are essential. The Turner DeMarco + Friedman Team sets new benchmarks for swift, lucrative sales in the property's vicinity. Our success stems from cooperative values, innovative promotions, and tech-driven lifestyle marketing.


"Beyond Conventional: Unleash Unique Marketing for Your Exceptional Residence"

At The Turner DeMarco + Friedman, our team of artistic experts creates personalized brands and marketing strategies for each property. With seamless synergy in the eXp Realty network, your home's promotion becomes unmatched and effective. 


"No Expired Listing Excuses – The Turner DeMarco + Friedman Team Delivers Results"

Properties sitting on the market for extended periods are a common occurrence. However, The Turner DeMarco + Friedman Team consistently succeeds where others have struggled. Our secret weapon is an exclusive approach that revitalizes marketing for specific homes. With over a decade of experience, we've successfully rejuvenated and sold properties that languished.


"Unbelievable, Isn't It? Don't Wait, Connect with Us Today!"

Ready to transform your property from Listed to Sold? Reach out to us now for expert guidance on the necessary steps.

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When you meet us, you’ll also learn that we’re your neighbors. You can rest assured that your success is the priority every step of the way. Give us a call so we can get to know you and your needs.

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