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A note to licensed real estate agents from Gail DeMarco

You want to succeed — in both life and work. And you also have your own definition of what success looks like. We all do! Each of us derives happiness and success from a set of variables that are unique to us. Just as the concept of “work-life balance” means something different to everyone, so do achievement and prosperity.


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When entrusting the sale or acquisition of your home to a real estate team, the expectation is clear: a team of full-time professionals dedicated to the task. The Turner Demarco + Friedman Team, leading real estate agents in the El Dorado Hills area, embodies this commitment. Real estate isn't a mere sideline for us; it's our unwavering focus. Our roots run deep in the local market, ensuring a profound understanding of its dynamics and prospects. Beyond expertise, trust is paramount. Our clients benefit from a blend of all these qualities – expertise, dedication, and trustworthiness. We're not just dedicated local real estate experts; we're also attentive customer service enthusiasts who collaborate closely with clients, fellow professionals, and leverage our in-house marketing agency to ensure optimal exposure for your listings.


As a gift from me, let’s get together one-on-one and let you do the talking. Let me ask you a few things and listen, so I can help you actualize your success — in life and in your career.

I believe that one of my greatest gifts is helping people be the best versions of themselves. Right now, my greatest passion is helping agents discover ways to put their personalities, gifts, and knowledge to work as they champion the needs of buyers, sellers, and themselves.


I’ve learned that the best people to champion for buyers and sellers are agents who are already cheering themselves on. The best agents are happy agents; they’re people who not only have knowledge, experience, and training, but who feel secure, understood, and have open hearts.

When you work with me and my leaders as your mentors, you get built-in coaches behind you. Your needs — not mine or anyone else’s — are at the foundation of any guidance we might offer.


By joining the Turner DeMarco + Friedman Group at eXp Realty, you not only gain our leaders as your cheerleaders, but you get access to incredible shared resources, support, and encouragement from your colleagues.

Join us. Be part of a winning team. A team of people who genuinely care about each other. We all want each other to grow and succeed, even if our individual pictures of success might look different. When one of us succeeds, we all do. When you’re part of a winning team, you’re supported by the Agent-Obsessed real estate brokerage of eXp.


With us, you will:

  • Have free access to me and all my training and private courses
  • Create financial freedom through company ownership and revenue sharing
  • Keep more of your commission with low split and monthly fees
  • Generate more leads and sell more homes
  • Collaborate and learn from top agents worldwide


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When you meet us, you’ll also learn that we’re your neighbors. You can rest assured that your success is the priority every step of the way. Give us a call so we can get to know you and your needs.

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