Advanced Architectural Photography

Professional real estate photography for every listing

The Turner DeMarco + Friedman team includes professional real estate photography for every listing we represent. Our team’s professional photographer, videographer and digital marketing expert is available whenever needed. Be sure to see our listings on our home page to view the high quality photography your listing will receive!

  • Your home will be professionally photographed. We use a top-of-the-line Sony, high-resolution full-frame camera with special architectural lenses.
  • Our experienced, professional Real Estate photographer uses powerful studio lights. Your listing’s photos are color accurate and of commercial quality.
  • Each image undergoes custom Photoshop retouching, masking, color, and geometric enhancements.
  • Good photography generates maximum interest! This RedFin study demonstrates that homes shot by professionals tend to sell faster and for more money.

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3D Walk Through Tours

  • Allows the user to click through the interior of the home in a three-dimensional space.

  • Users can look up and down and all around and offers home shoppers a clearer understanding of a home’s features and layout.

  • Listings on Zillow featuring Zillow’s own integrated 3D walkthroughs are given preference in search results resulting in three-times more views!

Full Motion Video Promotional Trailers

  • A professionally produced video trailer is the most effective way to engage buyers on an emotional level.

  • Like a movie trailer, these videos are just long enough to promote the best aspects of the property.

  • Video is also the best way to share the home on social media!

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