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eXp Realty is the fastest-growing real estate company in the world with more than more than 85,000 agents across 22 global markets and continues to scale internationally. As a publicly traded company, eXp World Holdings provides real estate professionals the unique opportunity to earn equity awards for production goals and contributions to overall company growth. eXp World Holdings and its businesses offer a full suite of brokerage and real estate tech solutions, including its innovative residential and commercial brokerage model, professional services, collaborative tools and personal development. The cloud-based brokerage is powered by Virbela, an immersive 3D platform that is deeply social and collaborative, enabling agents to be more connected and productive.≈, anchored by SUCCESS® magazine and its related media properties, was established in 1897 and is a leading personal and professional development brand and publication.


As a gift from me, let’s get together one-on-one and let you do the talking. Let me ask you a few things and listen, so I can help you actualize your success — in life and in your career.

When you work with me as your coach, you get a personal champion who gets to know you, your goals and your needs.

As part of eXp Realty, you not only gain our leaders as your cheerleaders, but you get access to incredible shared resources, support, and encouragement from your colleagues.


Join me. Be part of a winning team.

  • Have free access to me and all my training and private courses
  • Create financial freedom through company ownership and revenue sharing
  • Keep more of your commission with low split and monthly fees
  • Generate more leads and sell more homes
  • Collaborate and learn from top agents worldwide

Which leads me to five reasons i partnered with real

Who you affiliate with matters. While we operate as independent contractors, the vision and culture of the brokerage you affiliate with can have an impact on your personal brand and business. Real CEO, Tamir Poleg, and his company mantra of “Work Hard. Be Kind,” couldn’t capture the culture any better. With the addition of Sharran Srivatsaa, one of the sharpest leaders and kindest people in the real estate industry, Real confirmed their position as a company building for intelligent growth.

Numbers matter. Real estate as a business means the numbers matter, as well as what you are paying for. The challenge is that you usually must choose between services or splits. Real has a great commission cap structure, while still offering great tools, resources, an agent ecosystem and great culture. With the low commission cap at Real, I can pass along the benefits and commission bumps to our team members faster. In addition, Real’s technology and platform make our jobs as agents easier. Learn more about the tech here:

Multiple streams of income matter. At the time I am writing this, there are 9 different ways to build wealth at Real* (in addition to the business you are doing anyway!). Just as we teach our clients, it is important to have different streams of income, including passive income. With the ability to sponsor AND co-sponsor agents to Real, we can support the growth of the company and our industry while sharing in the overall revenue generated by these agents. There are also several ways to earn stock options, including production bonuses, attracting agents, and by contributing through trainings. We will always keep the main thing the main thing, but it is nice to have new ways to make money and secure a better future for our families in the process. *

Your community matters. The Real Broker community has been built on collaboration and sharing. They fight against silos and fight for collaboration, so no agent has to feel like they are on an island. There is even an internal training platform called Real Academy that is for agents by agents and rewards agents for their contributions. This is also an amazing time to join the rapidly growing national and international referral network.

Realizing potential matters. This one was very important to me, as I have a strong desire to leave our industry better than I entered it. Real provides the reach and infrastructure for us to bring our brands’ value propositions to cities and states around the country. It also provides a collaborative network that I can contribute to and continue to learn from. Ultimately, Real is going to elevate the industry and I am excited to be a part of it.
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